Monday, March 2

Great New (to me) ETSY Shops

I found this image while searching for sellers in Madrid and I had to have it. It just is what I want to be doing, where I want to be. I can't wait until I go on vacation. She has really beautiful travel photography in her shop: sabiha

I love this collage by Juliebe. Grace Kelly has such a serious look on her face, like it's a still from a Hitchcock thriller, then there's the beasty looking man in the flowers in the background. This shop is really cute.

Pleyades has a great eye for the dramatic and simple. The night scenes and street photography are great and some of the descriptions are really funny.

This oil painting is one of several in DefinaV's shop I love. They're very simple and beautifully painted still lifes.

I found this at the top of the listings today in the shop morphotos and I don't usually like digital-created photos, but these are really cool. I would use several of these in my classroom to demo different photo techniques (if I was still teaching photo).

The waves crashing photographs are wonderful as are the strange,
Felini-like multi-character "scenes" in this shop: Ruiz

I love these parking meters from Pigeons In The Attic, a fellow Philly Etsy Team Member.

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miss pigeon said...

Thanks so much for featuring my photo, I can't wait to search through all of the Etsy shops you highlighted!