Saturday, October 31

Sweetie's Pie Diner

I can't explain how excited I was to see the words "pie diner" decorating the door of a building being renovated at 19th and Spring Garden streets and they finally opened a couple of weeks ago. The place lives up to the name, they not only are a diner that specializes in pie, but local sourced gourmet pie with the most unusual and delightful combinations. I got a day old sample of an apple cake that was fabulous, then came back later that day with coworkers to taste a lemon pie. They also had plum, chocolate, pumpkin, more kinds of pie than I could remember. It was a memorable experience.

What I also love is that they have items like beet salad, savory pies for lunch, weekend brunch and get their supplies from local farms. It's a pie diner done right and the morning crew is really sweet. I stopped in again last week for coffee and tried a ginger scone. I think this might become a regular stop for me.

Oh, and the prices are so reasonable in comparison to other neighborhood coffee places! $2.25 for a slice of pie!

Sunday, October 25

Mt. Airy Focus on Local Art Friday and Sat. Nov 6, 7

Come join me for First Friday in Mt. Airy 6-9 pm or on Saturday the 7th from 12-6 pm for the Mt. Airy Focus on Local Art Exhibition. I'll be at the storefront at 7167 Germantown Ave., between the Bank of America and North by Northwest. I'll be showing my newest work from Awbury Arboretum which focuses on connecting with nature.

Here are some of the many images that are part of the show:

I posted a few of these on etsy already (click on the shop link at the left)! I'm going to print them large for the show and frame them. I'm also going to have a magnet collage of the trees you can play with and arrange! There will be food and drinks at ours and the other venues both days. Shops will be open upand down Germantown Ave. and there are lots of great restaurants, coffee shops and old school main street type shops and locals to make it a fun day.

Sunday, October 18

Photos that Got Skipped the First Time Around

I went through my photo files looking for photos that I might have missed the first time around and I found some that I like:
Clouds over the Parking lot

Plantation home in Charleston, SC

Cabbages, Chicago Botanical Gardens

Cherry Blossoms, Philadelphia

Spring Gardens House, Philadelphia

Green Glob Tree, Philadelphia

Friendly's, Conshohocken, PA

Hanging Basket, New Hope, PA

Cherry Blossoms on the Parkway, Philadelphia

Alley, Philadelphia

Parking Garage Construction Site, Philadelphia