Tuesday, March 27

Vegetarian Food Truck at Temple

$5.50 for all of these wonderful veggies (in a large,very hot bowl of noodles and broth), and you can add a drink and dessert for under $10, (the vegan chocolate cupcakes are killer).  I think everything was vegan, but you can check when you go.  Right up the street from Temple's Bell Tower on 13th street, above Polett Walk on the right.  Only open mid-day M-F.

Sunday, March 4

Philadelphia Flower Show Temple Ambler Wins Best In Show

Today was the first day of the Flower Show for the general public and I worked the first shift at the Temple Ambler display, Aloha Aina: A Return to Life with the Land

 I was excited to see the display after watching the students build the displays and grow the plants, forcing the trees to flower in the green house and packing all the supplies in the box truck to bring to the show, not to mention building the display at the Convention Center for a week.

So I was really proud to see they won Best in Show Academic Education and Best Acheivement: Incorporating Food, Water, Shelter and Food into a Natural Landscape.

Two Dishes in One: Curried Cauliflower and White Bean and Cauliflower Dip

 I've been getting a free subscription to Everyday Food with my points from Recyclebank (where recycling gets you points you can use for discounts at restaurants, for free items, for points to donate money to greening programs at schools, etc.) and though I don't love all the advertising, I do love the issues like this one showing easy ways to save money by wasting less food, buying in bulk and cooking in batches.  They have a feature where they give you a menu for a week that shows how you can use the leftovers to make new dishes.

 I saw this curry chickpea recipe had cauliflower in it, and so did the white bean dip from the previous issue, so I made them both in one night.