Saturday, March 14

BIG OLD PAINTING SALE end of March One of a Kind!

I was looking at some paintings today and cleaning up older items on etsy when I thought, since things have been slow this month and I can't really get paintings framed by Mark until they sell, I would have a sale and take $15 off my original, one of a kind room paintings and branch paintings which regularly sell for $99 each. I love these paintings and I want them to find good homes soon. Each one has a simarly bright color palette, painting in acrylic on wood panels. I paint on wood because I want a super smooth surface and a matte/flat finish when the painting is done, so the shapes and color take center stage. If you scroll down on the page to look at the older posts, you can see details of the framing (not around but behind the painting) and features of the paintings.

I started collecting pictures from home magazines, tearing out my favorites and keeping them in binders, editing them down and after a while, I realized what I liked about some of the images wasn't the room or furniture, necessairly, but the colors and shapes. Then I thought I could paint simple versions of the images where I reinterpret the original. Here's my blue and red bedroom painting with the original.

This is a new one I'm working on now with the magazine page above. It still needs alot of work. I'm taking a break from it until I'm ready to fix it.

This is one of the branches paintings with the actualbranches I photographed in Elfreth's Alley. I'm always taking pictures of trees with interesting shapes.

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