Saturday, February 28

New Paintings Released from the Vault!

I went digging through my box of paintings today in search of panels to repaint and I found these three paintings, one which I modified and two I left alone. The fourth I'm working on now to make it more to my liking. I repaintind the blinds in painting with the green and blue striped seating and then stopped by the Art Museum Annex to check out the shows and I found a Matisse exhibit which included his interiors, which are fantastic. The other shows I liked where an exhibit on Frank Gehry's Lewis House which was never completed but which he made outstanding models for an includes some of his bent wood lattice furniture, which I liked alot and they have videos playing with interviews with the home owner, Gehry, Gehry's assistant and Gehry and Richard Serra (sc?).

They also have a show of African American quilters from towns like Yazoo Mississippi and Gee's Bend which is amazing. There's a wide variety of artistic expression and some funny use of pantyhose package figures in one quilt.

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