Sunday, March 29

Great Shop: Dig Down Gallery

I found Dig Down Gallery on ETSY last week and I wanted to share some of thes fantastic photographs. His work spans many decades, from the looks of it and he shoots in black and white and color, in New York, Philly, England, and his style is humorous and quirky. Some of the photographs reminded me of Gary Winnogrand's photographs of people at the zoo. The last photograph is so touching, I love it.
Dancing Fool

Gold Building

North End

Boxing Restaurant

My Bunny

We're trading photos with this week and I'm really excited to get the print.


Cheryl said...

Awesome photography. I love the last one as well. Very touching. The first one "Dancing Fool" is great!

Cheryl, Philly Etsy Team

Herbmuse said...

I love those images! Great choice ;-) And your own photography shop looks great Alison!

RedRedOrange said...

The child with the bunny is just so precious! I think the kids with animals might be a sure fire way to make me tear up :) great find!