Sunday, March 29

Great Shop: Dig Down Gallery

I found Dig Down Gallery on ETSY last week and I wanted to share some of thes fantastic photographs. His work spans many decades, from the looks of it and he shoots in black and white and color, in New York, Philly, England, and his style is humorous and quirky. Some of the photographs reminded me of Gary Winnogrand's photographs of people at the zoo. The last photograph is so touching, I love it.
Dancing Fool

Gold Building

North End

Boxing Restaurant

My Bunny

We're trading photos with this week and I'm really excited to get the print.

Sunday, March 22

Check Out My New Etsy Shop for Paintings

I created a new etsy shop over the weekend to make it much easier to find my paintings and reduce the number of pages in my etsy shop for photos. The new shop is Click on the images at the left and see how beautiful it is!

Tuesday, March 17

Craft Sale Table Set Up Photos

Since the sale season is starting soon, I thought I would offer up my table set up for critique and see how I can improve and upgrade my presentation. Now that I'm looking at these set-ups, they look pretty sad. Please leave comments and help! I'm wondering what's missing, accessories, boxes or stands for larger prints, frames, ways to use the vertical space...

I found these pictures of different set ups of the same seller that's helpful for ideas:

Saturday, March 14

BIG OLD PAINTING SALE end of March One of a Kind!

I was looking at some paintings today and cleaning up older items on etsy when I thought, since things have been slow this month and I can't really get paintings framed by Mark until they sell, I would have a sale and take $15 off my original, one of a kind room paintings and branch paintings which regularly sell for $99 each. I love these paintings and I want them to find good homes soon. Each one has a simarly bright color palette, painting in acrylic on wood panels. I paint on wood because I want a super smooth surface and a matte/flat finish when the painting is done, so the shapes and color take center stage. If you scroll down on the page to look at the older posts, you can see details of the framing (not around but behind the painting) and features of the paintings.

I started collecting pictures from home magazines, tearing out my favorites and keeping them in binders, editing them down and after a while, I realized what I liked about some of the images wasn't the room or furniture, necessairly, but the colors and shapes. Then I thought I could paint simple versions of the images where I reinterpret the original. Here's my blue and red bedroom painting with the original.

This is a new one I'm working on now with the magazine page above. It still needs alot of work. I'm taking a break from it until I'm ready to fix it.

This is one of the branches paintings with the actualbranches I photographed in Elfreth's Alley. I'm always taking pictures of trees with interesting shapes.

Thursday, March 12

I found this seller from Tucson, AZ today on etsy and wanted to share this awesome TV on fire sculpture:

From his intro: "When he first picked up metal as a medium, it was not for wind sculptures; Chris had it in his mind to improve on the chiminea, a popular outdoor heat source in the west. It wasn't long before he couldn't keep up with demand. He barely had time to sculpt what came to be one of his most popular pieces: The Primal TV, a life-sized replica of American television, complete with table stand and rabbit ears.' I think it really speaks to people's inner conflict about television and the guilty enjoyment we all feel spending so much time in front of it'."

Tuesday, March 10

New Zoo Photos

I was at the zoo with a photo group on Sunday and took some pictures with them, but also got some funny pics on my own after the tour. Take a look:

Here's Stella, the Laughing Giraffe (or it could be Gus, but someone said it was Stella). Follow the picture link to see the other 4 new animal portraits I posted including a rhino, croc. couple, peacocks and a flamingo's feathers.

Friday, March 6

New Etsy Shop Today

I was selected to be in a treasury of trains and I found this shop in the same treasury:

LocalWisdomCards from Stowe, Vermont

They have over 100 cards like this with a wide variety of quotes.
The collages are beautiful and very thoughtful and well crafted.

Monday, March 2

Great New (to me) ETSY Shops

I found this image while searching for sellers in Madrid and I had to have it. It just is what I want to be doing, where I want to be. I can't wait until I go on vacation. She has really beautiful travel photography in her shop: sabiha

I love this collage by Juliebe. Grace Kelly has such a serious look on her face, like it's a still from a Hitchcock thriller, then there's the beasty looking man in the flowers in the background. This shop is really cute.

Pleyades has a great eye for the dramatic and simple. The night scenes and street photography are great and some of the descriptions are really funny.

This oil painting is one of several in DefinaV's shop I love. They're very simple and beautifully painted still lifes.

I found this at the top of the listings today in the shop morphotos and I don't usually like digital-created photos, but these are really cool. I would use several of these in my classroom to demo different photo techniques (if I was still teaching photo).

The waves crashing photographs are wonderful as are the strange,
Felini-like multi-character "scenes" in this shop: Ruiz

I love these parking meters from Pigeons In The Attic, a fellow Philly Etsy Team Member.