Saturday, February 28

New Paintings Released from the Vault!

I went digging through my box of paintings today in search of panels to repaint and I found these three paintings, one which I modified and two I left alone. The fourth I'm working on now to make it more to my liking. I repaintind the blinds in painting with the green and blue striped seating and then stopped by the Art Museum Annex to check out the shows and I found a Matisse exhibit which included his interiors, which are fantastic. The other shows I liked where an exhibit on Frank Gehry's Lewis House which was never completed but which he made outstanding models for an includes some of his bent wood lattice furniture, which I liked alot and they have videos playing with interviews with the home owner, Gehry, Gehry's assistant and Gehry and Richard Serra (sc?).

They also have a show of African American quilters from towns like Yazoo Mississippi and Gee's Bend which is amazing. There's a wide variety of artistic expression and some funny use of pantyhose package figures in one quilt.

Tuesday, February 24

Featured on Zombie Penguen Art Blog Wednesday/Thursday

Check out the great interview and my photos on this blog that features different artists! Thanks!

Monday, February 16

Sunday, February 15

New Frames and New Paintings

These are paintings I reshot today since I had some time
to work on etsy. I forgot most of these were in my closet
and since I sold three of the larger paintings this week,
I thought it was time I upgraded my pictures.

These are the frames my co-worker Mark made for me last
week. I'm so happy with how beautiful they came out. They
make the paintings look so crisp and clean on the wall.

Sunday, February 1

The Genius Of William Eggleston

I found William Eggleston's website after a visit to DC's
National Protrait Gallery and American Art Museum.
I bought his monograph "The Democratic Forest" a decade
ago after a photography teacher at University of the Arts
brought a copy into class.