Sunday, December 7

The Prescience of Desperately Seeking Susan and Read Beans And Rice Make Everything Better

I came home feeling really sad, mostly I think because the weather's so cold and grey and there won't be any more craft sales for a while and the garden's done with for several months and I started making red beans and rice while listening to 80's new wave and eating the read beans is making me feel so much better. And it's Monday, traditional red beans and rice day in New Orleans. There must be some metabolic reason why read beans are so perfect for dinner at the end of a miserable back to work day.

I was watching Desperately Seeking Susan yesterday, a movie I had a birthday party around when I was probably 10 and I haven't watched since, and I can't believe how many famous actors are in the film, from the bell boy to the cigarette girl to the sunglasses salesman on the street, even Dez's ex-giflfriend's new boyfriend, all actors who went on to bigger and better roles (as in the coroner on CSI NY or a supporting role in a Spike Lee film).

"Lust for Life" was playing from Jim's Band's van.

Susan is Madonna, Roberta is Rosanna Arquette, Dez is Adian Quinn, even John Tuturro is Ray the magic club mc in his second movie role where his character actually had a name.

Then there's the 80's night at the Shim Sham crowd in the mini Madonna video "You Can Dance." The whole movie is like an advertisement for Madonna's persona, but I loved it and I remember I had a zippered hat box I painted to match the one with skulls she carries around in the movie. I was so cool.

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