Wednesday, December 17

Favorite Etsy Sellers

Krista Peel from SanFrancisco

Junk Prints from Brooklyn

Invisible Fountain from Easthampton

Ralph Nuara from Minneapolis

Cyrus the Potter from Pine River, Minnesota

Jack Procter from Vancouver

mck254 from Arlington, MA

redsonja designs from Ottawa

Fretz Fotos for Cystic Fibrosis

Second Line Frames from Orange Beach, Alabama

Montagyoo from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Mariposa Avenue from Salt Lake City, UT

Bonnie Jones from San Angelo, West Texas

Pearson Maron from Southern California

Kinchi from Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Snappy Shop from LA, California

1 comment:

Ben said...

I like your unique and eclectic tastes--especially the paintings by Krista Peel and the beautiful ceramics of Ralph Naura. I think I'll go visit their sites now!