Sunday, December 21

2009 Art Car Photo Calendar IS HERE!

Just in time for calendar sales for 2009!
The ART CAR CALENDAR. I photographed all of
these cars and trucks in New Orleans and Houston
over several years. Most were in my neighborhood
in the garden district or lower garden district
(yeah Camp St.!) and some I shot at Art Car Day at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

I'm selling them for $30 each since landscape printing something 40" long is pricey, but really, that's not much to pay for a one of a kind colorful calendar unlike any other out there! They are for sale now on my etsy site:

I could only find the names of some of the artists through Art Car websites or "Art Cars" a book by Harrod Blank, the art car king, so if you know any of these people, please contact me! (I'll be happy to cut the artists in on the proceeds or send them a free calendar)

This calendar took me years to finally complete
and I am so psyched it's finally designed, printed and assembled!


Ben said...

I love your art car calendar! It's such a fun idea and it's put together in such a creative way. I hope there will be another one in 2010!

miss pigeon said...

I am so glad I got to see these in person! They are just so colorful, and unique... and of high quality too!


The Pen Guy said...

I love it, its worthy of a mention on Art Car Central and thanks for the link. I will do it this week!!!

The Pen Guy said...

Calendar plug is up on art Car Central

Lemon Drops said...
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Lemon Drops said...

Hi Allison!

Just got back from a couple month break from etsy and am ready to be involved again. Your calender is beautiful! Chuck and I made a new etsy shop,, because we plan on opening a studio in Philly when we move down there in the summer. Nice to hear from you. Hope to see you at the nexy philly meeting.
Namaste, Lynn

phea jean said...

i just saw this listed on etsy!
it came out so great! i love the way it folds out, instead of up, very cool! see you soon.