Sunday, March 4

Philadelphia Flower Show Temple Ambler Wins Best In Show

Today was the first day of the Flower Show for the general public and I worked the first shift at the Temple Ambler display, Aloha Aina: A Return to Life with the Land

 I was excited to see the display after watching the students build the displays and grow the plants, forcing the trees to flower in the green house and packing all the supplies in the box truck to bring to the show, not to mention building the display at the Convention Center for a week.

So I was really proud to see they won Best in Show Academic Education and Best Acheivement: Incorporating Food, Water, Shelter and Food into a Natural Landscape.

The plants they choose are all native to the northeast and great examples of ones to try in the garden.  This Allum Root  had beautiful ruffled redish leaves and furry stems that contrast beautifully with the gree of the ferns and the purple of the creeping phlox.

The rain garden plants were a big hit, the pitcher plants had amazing yellow, red and multicolored flowers that visitors kept commenting on.

The display was divided up into a woodland, cultivated and rain garden, representing a Hawaiian tradition: ahupua'a

The fringe tree caught everyone's attention with the stunning blossoms along with Goat's Beard:

One of my favorite parts was the cold frame design.  I took lots of pictures so I can build one myself.  All of the wood in the display was recycled mushroom wood from shelving in the mushroom growing industry or from slavaged shipping pallettes. Revolution Recovery helped provide some of the recycled materials. Porous pavers, recycled asphalt and papercrete were also used along with oyster shells from the Oyster House.

Did I mention the 25 ft. tall  waterfall?

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