Tuesday, March 27

Vegetarian Food Truck at Temple

$5.50 for all of these wonderful veggies (in a large,very hot bowl of noodles and broth), and you can add a drink and dessert for under $10, (the vegan chocolate cupcakes are killer).  I think everything was vegan, but you can check when you go.  Right up the street from Temple's Bell Tower on 13th street, above Polett Walk on the right.  Only open mid-day M-F.


HEATHER said...

That sounds delicious, makes me sad that I live in another country :( I could really use some cheap food with my student budget.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allison, I love photography as well ^.^

When you say Temple, you mean Temple University in Philadelphia right? I'm working on transferring there! My mother works for Temple and my tuition would be free if I went =D

If you weren't talking about this school, then feel free to ignore this message :p

allison o. said...

Yes, Temple University in Philly! Free tuition is great!