Saturday, September 13

Whole Foods Local Thursday

I was selling at the Whole Foods Local event this Thursday, and even though people weren't buying, I got to enjoy Funk Harp music, meet some other vendors, chat with shoppers and do lots of planning for the October 18th Craftadelphia sale and reception for Design Philadelphia at Mew Gallery.
I'm going to be printing photos of New Orleans in soy ink on recycled paper and working with a woodworking class to make frames from reclaimed wood. Part of the proceeds will go the the Green Project in New Orleans, where I used to work. They reclaim building materials of all sorts, toilets, claw foot tubs, doors, windows, lumber and lots and lots of paint to keep it out of landfills and they sell it cheap to homeowners rebuilding after Katrina.
I was also working out what I'm going to give away at the Swap-A-Rama-Rama in the free Etsy Team Philly tote bags. I decided I'm going to make mini picture cards on recycled paper from my office, but I'm cutting circles out of old pictures on the card front. Then last night, I was liking how the pictures full of holes were looking, and talking to my friend on the phone and he suggested I re-assemble the background and put different circles back in so I started making the images above, glued to a Urban Outfitters frame paper. I really like them. I pulled some pictures I liked as covers to mini notebooks/cards, so I'm getting at least 3 projects out of these pictures that have just been sitting in a box under my bed for a year. So it was a productive slow show. I'm psyched about Swap-A-Rama-Rama, I keep telling people about it.

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Carey Lynn said...

I get some great ideas from talking to my friends, too.