Saturday, September 6

T. Storm Hanna

It's been raining since 11:00 here and the street is starting to fill up with water. I couldn't stand being inside any more so I went out on the porch to start shooting magnets and matted prints for my etsy shop, It's been good since I finally finished my scrapbook of pictures from my trip to the Everglades last March, and I at least got out picture frames, if not hung them on the walls yet. I keep buying landscape photographs from other sellers, but then they never get hung up 'cause I'm not happy with the frame, or I have to re-paint the hallway where they're going to go...but today I will hang at least one picture.


Lisa said...

I live in Chester County and it looks like that too.

Jennifer said...

I always have problems getting my pictures hung too! I have some lovely prints from Etsy artists and really need to get around to framing and hanging them!