Sunday, September 7

Thinks to Do and See In Italian Market 'hood (besides the Italian Market)

I was walking down to Mew Gallery today and stopped to take pictures at a couple of my favorite places. First, I stopped at Spool and Loop, the new fabric and yarn shops on South St. Check out
I bought some beautiful fabric, even though I don't need any, but they were too hard to pass up.

Then I stopped by the block long flower garden at Kater St. (1 block south of South) between 16th and 17th. The pictures don't do the space justice, but it's a neighbor maintained greenspace on the back of a huge hospital and parking complex. There are water gardens and a huge array of plants of different colors and textures, for sun and shade, so if you like to garden, you'll get lots of ideas for your own urban plot.

I passed the Jamaican Jerk Hut at Broad and South (see the movie "In Her Shoes") where I had a great dinner a couple of months ago. Then I passed Isiah Zagar's outrageous mosaic museum/house at 11th and South, which was open! but I had no time to stop.

I cut down 10th and passed Morning Glory, the breakfast restaurant with the fantastic frittatas at 10th and Fitzwater, and up Christian past Sabrina's to the Mew.

You could make a day of walking up or down South St. in the quieter sections (below 10th), since now there are great shops/markets like Pumpkin's new local/organic market and restaurant and cafe, Spool and Loop's twin stores and the Kater St. garden. Last weekend I kept walking down to St. Alban's St., the one that has a garden running down the middle instead of a road and it was so peaceful and quiet for a city street and the houses are beautiful. It's below South St. between 23rd and 24th. The I backtracked up 23rd to Pine and turned down Pine to the public park/recreation center/tennis courts/community garden at around 27th and Pine. The park was huge for a city park, had so much to do, and their community garden was so organized and beautiful! The sign said as long as the gate was unlocked, visitors were welcome, so I was able to walk around inside and admire their cold frame system and composting structures and potting bench. It was a really relaxing walk past some beautiful sights in Philly and plenty of places to eat, get a drink or coffee, and sit down and relax.


kathco said...

great photo walk. I've been longing to go to pumpkin for my birthday for the past few years. hint, hint Mom

woolies said...

sigh...I miss Philly. Lived there my entire life up until we got insane and moved to the southwest four years ago.


phea jean said...

i added you to my following blogs too, it just took me like 10 minutes to figure out how! i am super impressed with your much information and it looks great too.
i love all the photos and especially the info on the italian market (my hood)! yay allison!