Saturday, October 29

Website Launch and New Collectors Photos for a Year

I'm also starting a Collection Series: 


I store my prints in a file drawer in my apartment that has grown quite full and includes film prints and digital prints with images ranging from ones taken a week ago to ones from 2008.  If you select this option (which I would be really excited to see someone try it out) you will get 10, 8 x 10" prints of a variety of subjects.  Since this is a new option, I'd be happy to go over the images with you and help you select the ones you would enjoy the most.

The new print collection series are fine art prints on sustainable sugarcane paper, available in three sizes, one print each month for a year (or you can choose to get them all at once). 

Its kind of like a CSA for art, you support the artist by providing a more sustainable way for them to progress and try out new ideas without the burden of all of the upfront costs on the artist alone.

I'm getting the sugarcane prints which are a beautiful, sustainable by-product of sugarcane processing, white paper with a slight texture to the surface.  I've been selling prints on this paper in my painting shop and customers have loved them. They are printed by a very professional gallery/independent printer here in Philly, Silicon Gallery, so you're helping support an artist, and indie business and a green paper industry.



These images are just examples of the kind that might be in the collections and I'm looking for more feedback on what to include.  Personally, I would like to get a wide range of the person's work and I think it would be exciting to wait each month to see what print arrived in the mail.  You could get it as a gift for someone and surprise them with a print and note each month. 

I love gifts that last.


5" x 7" fine art prints for a year: $150

8" x 10" fine art prints for a year: $220

11" x 14" fine art prints for a year: $300

If you want to get a test print before you buy the whole item, you can buy a print sampler and I'll ship you a proofs so you can see the paper quality and the ink color saturation.

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