Monday, September 5

Great Front Stoop Gardens and City Planters

 Reclaimed wood planter,  Girard Ave.

 Raised bed vegetable garden, West Philly

 Front yard flower garden, West Philly

 Wine barrell planter, Center City

 Stone flower planter, Center City

 Driveway planter, Center City

Assorted planters, Center City

I was collecting images of inventive ways Philadelphians harvest every inch of exterior space to grow food and flowers and here are a few examples.  Some of these gardeners use mere inches of passage space (as in the driveway planters) while others enjoy the comparatively large postage stamp front yards of West Philly. 

Using the vertical space is one great idea, as well as choosing compact varieties that compliment each other in color and texture.  Choosing a planter material that is appropriate to your setting is also essential, such as the reclaimed wood board planter, beautifully blending with the cream stucco and sepia brick.  I'm on the look out for a great planter for my front stoop, but I haven't found the right material or container yet. 

What is your favorite source for planters?

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