Saturday, March 12

Philly Flower Show

Matisse-themed garden

Mosaic table with sedum

Recycled paper cut out projections

Rock garden patio planting

Carousel of floral topiary

Cement planter with cauliflower

Urban renewal display

Cactus vendor

Vision for agrarian city
There were many good ideas at the Flower Show this year, including making planters and outdoor seating out of cement, outdoor mosaic tables with rock garden centers, great window boxes and pots filled with edible crops and recycled and repurposed materials from abandoned industrial sites to mushroom wood from mushroon farms.
I went overboard on seed purchases and picked up some organic plant food. Still looking for some apple mint. There were lots of scented geraniums of every flavor, too!

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Ben said...

Inspiring--lots of creative eco-themed displays. Wish I could have gone, but thanks to your blog I got a great idea for making artworks in small apartments--projections! I think I'll try to make some.