Sunday, March 6

Mouse Cookies: Cutest Ever!

I found this Dita Von Teese recipe in Instyle magazine last month just before a potluck and knew I had to make them. The recipe called for almond slivers, but I was only able to find pumpkin seeds at the co-op, so I went with those. They were very easy to make and I was having fun rolling them up in my hands and adding their little currant eyes, ears and noodle-tails while listening to Kids Corner on wxpn. They were a hit at the potluck and I got lots of comments afterward.


Margit Rosenaa said...

They are just great and ext. cute :)


creative tail

Ben said...

I am prostrate, stunned, incapacitated by this tsunami of cute. The cookies are too great!

agadka said...


had that magazine as well