Sunday, November 9

Beets! Free Food!

I stopped by the community garden today and I was planning to drop off compost and look around, but sad the season is ending, but when I got there I saw the beets! They were huge and there were these 4 ready to pick and scores of other ones will be ready now that these biggins are out of the way! And I was at the store this morning trying to decide what root veggie to roast and luckily I didn't get beets. I totally forgot I was growing them. I picked some thyme and lemon balm while I was there and I was feeling so happy I have a garden and I can get free food when I need it from the garden. Of course, I'll be tired of beets after I eat these, but it's still cool.

I've been thinking about ways to make the community garden more friendly and functional and fun and today I was thinking we should name each block of beds so people can say where their plot is. I was thinking letters, but you could also name the blocks after cities or states and you could name the paths. Like you could have the block Los Angeles and Rodeo Drive and New Orleans and St. Charles Ave. We have a fantastic community garden (18th and Wallace Streets),.

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