Wednesday, September 1

Moving! (Not Far)

Yay sunlight!
My new view.
I'm moving to a new apartment and I'm in week 2 of packing hell, but today I got another look at the new apartment and I'm starting to think how I might set up the space.

Table $199 and chairs $79 at West Elm (can't afford it, but a good idea to start with)

Gateleg table from IKEA $69

Papasan Chair $105

Antic Attic $250 (another dream)

$68 from Australian shop Mookah
Time to hit the yard sales and flea markets!

Where did all this stuff come from?

Packing tips:

1) Get boxes at the liquor store. They are free, abundant and small so perfect for packing those heavy books without giving you a hernia.

2)Keep some of the dividers in the boxes. I used some to sort paint tubes, kitchen utensils, spices and to pack glasses. It's nice because you can look into the boxes and see all of your stuff, instead of un-newspapering things forever.

3) Crank up the radio.

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