Sunday, October 25

Mt. Airy Focus on Local Art Friday and Sat. Nov 6, 7

Come join me for First Friday in Mt. Airy 6-9 pm or on Saturday the 7th from 12-6 pm for the Mt. Airy Focus on Local Art Exhibition. I'll be at the storefront at 7167 Germantown Ave., between the Bank of America and North by Northwest. I'll be showing my newest work from Awbury Arboretum which focuses on connecting with nature.

Here are some of the many images that are part of the show:

I posted a few of these on etsy already (click on the shop link at the left)! I'm going to print them large for the show and frame them. I'm also going to have a magnet collage of the trees you can play with and arrange! There will be food and drinks at ours and the other venues both days. Shops will be open upand down Germantown Ave. and there are lots of great restaurants, coffee shops and old school main street type shops and locals to make it a fun day.

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