Monday, September 28

Sale This Saturday at East Falls Inn Yard Park, 10-5

I'm getting ready for a sale next weekend and I ordered prints and I'm really excited by the variety of images from all my recent trips to wildlife refuges, woods, parks, etc. I forgot completely about the sunset images I took in New Hope and I haven't thought about the Adirondacks pictures in a month, then I added Ocean City pictures from this year and the tree walk (see below) and waterfalls from Ithaca, NY and then some pictures from my trip to Awbury Arboretum on Friday!

Persimmon tree in Secret Garden

Fungus Layers

Magnolia Leaves

First tree to turn

Come join me! I'll be selling cards, magnets, matted and framed photos! Oh, and I'm selling recycled notebooks with tree photos on the covers!

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