Sunday, July 19

New Tote In Floral Fabric and Circles My mom said looked like the inside of the human body!

I decided to make a tote for myself for the summer and picked out the fabric, cut out the shapes, but had no working sewing machine, so I finally sewed it up last night when I visited my mom's house.
My mom said the inside looked like the inside of the human body, which it does kind of look like platelets and red blood cells, but it also reminds me of a watermelon with a green exterior and a pink interior.

Hopefully it will function well as a daily bag for work. I overdid it a bit buying fabric, so I could make about 20 in different colors, so I'll have plenty if I decid to make adjustments to the size or pockets...

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Ben said...

Hmmm . . . I think your mom is right--it looks like corpuscles in the bloodstream. Makes your second photo look like surgery! But they are still trendy, mod corpuscles.

The bag is beautiful--now you'll have to set up a separate ETSY site just for the bags!