Saturday, June 27

OMG! Ice Cream Posters You Will Love!

Share with a Buddy! I was walking down Spring Garden Street here in Philly when I came upon these signs in the window of Petrucci's Ice Cream at the corner of 18th street. I came back later and had to get a Mega Blend (their version of the Blizzard, an old favorite from high school when I worked next door to a ice cream place). I took some more pictures on my second trip and found out all of the signs were made by the girls who work at the shop. They must have been mightily inspired to come up with these super adorable signs. Check out the single scoops in cups and the Brownie Sundae girl in green.


Ben said...

I would have ordered the same thing! With the Starbuckification of urban gathering spots, it's always refreshing to spy the handmade--keep patronizing this place!


allison o. said...

way to coin a term, Ben!