Saturday, October 4

Arts By the River East Falls

I showed my photographs at the Inn Yard Park today and it was really nice! The weather was beauuu-ti-ful and everyone was really cool! My friend Carrie came and helped my run the table expertly and I had a collector of my bird paintings show up to sweep four more paintings off to her home and I got lots of good advice for new places to take photos! Thanks! I'll be out there shooting soon! There were alot of dogs out with their people.
This set up was my most involved so far, but I like the look of it. It took a good hour to put together, though.
Carrie has such good sales instincts, she put the postcards in front and the cards in the lid of the box. We made the best of the time by making upcycled photo cards for the Design Philadelphia show and the Swap-O-Rama-Rama give aways.
Meeting all of the people and having fun made it all worth it! I also scored 4 vases made by kids in the Claymobile program for the Clay Studio. I love coil built ceramics and I can't pass them up! See you all in 2 weeks at 906 Christian for Design Philadelphia (Oct. 18, 10-4)!

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